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Building a Stable Foundation
with Bone Grafting

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Bone Grafting from a Maxillofacial Expert

At Angelo Oral Surgery and Dental Implants, we provide bone grafting services to support oral health and function. Drs. Ryan and Tony Montgomery, our board-certified oral surgeons, specialize in comprehensive bone grafting procedures, including socket preservation and sinus lifts. By offering these services, we can prevent or mitigate functional and esthetic consequences of bone loss due to tooth extraction or other factors.

 With extensive surgical experience, we can effectively restore bone structure and volume in cases of complex tooth loss, advanced gum disease, cancer treatment, severe oral trauma, or congenital deformities. Whether preparing for single dental implants or full arch dental implants, our expertise ensures successful bone grafting treatments.

Dental Bone Grafting Services


Socket Preservation

Socket preservation is a bone grafting procedure we complete after tooth extraction. This involves packing bone graft material into the empty tooth socket. Socket preservation slows the resorption process where the tooth is missing. It can also help preserve the health of the bone until a dental implant can be placed.

ridge augmentation

Ridge Augmentation

As your bone deteriorates, its natural, defining appearance fades away. Through ridge augmentation/preservation, we employ bone grafting material to remodel and reconstruct the bone, restoring them to a healthier state, similar to their former condition.

sinus lift

Sinus Lifts

When bone in the premolar or molar areas of the jaw has lost density or volume, you may benefit from a sinus lift. Gently lifting the sinus cavity, bone grafting material can be placed beneath to restore proper bone height and density. A complex surgery, a skilled oral surgeon is the best choice if you need this treatment.

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The Benefits of Bone Grafting

Dental decay, trauma, disease, or genetic factors can result in tooth and bone loss, causing a host of issues that impact your eating ability, facial aesthetics, oral and overall physical health. The benefits of bone grafting include:

  • Bone regeneration: Bone grafting helps in the formation of new bone tissue in areas of bone defects caused by trauma, disease or tooth loss.
  • Enhanced bone healing: Grafting provides a scaffold for bone cells to grow on, which can speed up the healing process and improve the chances of successful bone fusion.
  • Support for dental implants: Bone grafts are used to augment the bone, providing a sturdy foundation for dental implants and improving the chances of successful implantation.
  • Minimally invasive techniques: Advancements in bone grafting procedures have led to less invasive techniques, reducing postoperative pain and speeding up recovery times.