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Time for
A Tooth Extraction?

tooth extraction

Safe and Effective Tooth Extractions
from the Experts

Infected, damaged teeth can cause severe pain, and eating, drinking, and sleeping become challenging. Although we always recommend saving natural teeth, we advise tooth extraction(s) to save oral health if a tooth is un-salvageable. Leaving a diseased tooth untreated can lead to detrimental effects on neighboring teeth, bone, and gums, resulting in persistent discomfort. Our board-certified oral surgeons are equipped with specialized training and excel in performing dental extractions with expertise.

Doctor helping setup for dental examination for dental procedure

Benefits of Seeing an Oral Surgeon

  • Certified sedation treatment for your added comfort
  • Experienced care performed efficiently
  • Precise and predictable results
  • Expertise in treating medically compromised patients
  • Less pain and discomfort during and after surgery
  • Ease in treating impacted teeth, wisdom teeth, and complex cases
  • Faster healing and shorter recovery times
Doctor going over dental images with patient before dental procedure

Our Tooth Extraction Process

Dental extractions are performed every day at Angelo Oral Surgery and Dental Implants in San Angelo and Brownwood, Texas. As a result, we’ve refined our process keeping your comfort as our top priority. When you arrive, we’ll show you to a surgical suite, and each step of the process will be explained to you in detail before treatment begins. After your surgery, we’ll review post-op instructions in-depth in order to avoid complications like dry socket and ensure a swift and easy recovery!

Patient being shown implant model before dental procedure

Don’t Forget About Stability and Functionality

Your dental treatment shouldn’t end with a tooth extraction. Unless it concerns wisdom teeth, we highly recommend considering dental implants as replacements for your extracted teeth. If a tooth is not replaced, you could face bone loss, or a loss in chewing capacity. Dental implants are the ultimate permanent solution by closely resembling natural teeth in appearance and function. With an implant, you’ll have a tooth that looks exactly like your natural ones and offers all the same functional benefits.

Our board-certified oral surgeons are experts in dental implants and can provide you with this comprehensive care.